First week ….in Seattle

Seattle from the car on I-5

Seattle is a great place to be to begin my time away. Especially going right into the Ring Cycle at the Seattle opera.

Watching the Ring cycle in a series puts you into this place where you are not quite sure what world you are in – lost in the forest? about to find a new silence? The music surrounds you – and invade your dreams as well as the daily life. I love finding myself slowly this week as I change into this new beginning of a different sense of time — no work. This seems to be a good way to make the change.

Me at opera intermission

Here I am trying to regain strength in between acts – this is only my second Ring but it is the first with sub-titles which makes it amazing – I can actually follow along! Probably not supposed to admit that but it is true.

Ring now over – excellent production and singing especially by Stephanie Blythe, Stefan Vinke and Alwyn Mellor and Greer Grimsley is still with me. Here now on San Juan Island the Ring keeps coming back – the trees here, the water – all fit in with the production and the mood of these northwest woods. My dream are filled to the brim.

Counting the days

I keep picking the hydrangeas as I am afraid they will be all gone when I return in September. The colors are so amazing, rich pinks and purples and the lovely white … I don't think I have a favorite but I do love my tree hydrangea.

I leave on Sunday – going to my friend's in Belmont and then out early on Jet Blue to Seattle where I go to the Ring Cycle beginning on Tuesday. Have seen the Ring once and cannot wait to see and hear this production especially since my daughter is playing harp in a few of the performances. And I get to see her new house.

Is it hard to leave? Yes. I find myself wondering what to do each day; how to take care of all the details – what if I forgot something? And then I realize I cannot cover everything – I just have to leave it and know that all will be well. I will miss the church and the people but I do know that all will be well. It's what I preach.


Getting ready to go …

enjoying summer days at Sabbath House…

Only three weeks until I begin my sabbatical…I leave here on August 18 and then fly out to Seattle the next day. I haven't begun to do what I may need to do to get away in time! I do have to work in the garden at Sabbath House especially with my lilies that are having a wonderful season this year. I hate to leave the gardens and the tomatoes growing in the Earth boxes on the deck of the rectory but at the same time I cannot wait to be with my daughters in Seattle. It is hard to believe my youngest is now 35 – it seems impossible to me. Though what is age? As long as we live each day to the fullest then it is okay

Here is a lily about to topple over so I cut it and placed it in a blue vase in my little living room – where we had a small dinner party last night as I was in a cooking mode. My faves were the sesame noodles and a tart made from puff pastry and zuke and mushrooms and sausage…

morning walk – will miss the marshes ….